When it comes to planning your wedding there are a lot of things you need to consider and decide. But there are a few things that you must not do, these are your wedding DON’Ts!

The biggest wedding don’t is allowing lots of opinions. Your wedding day is a celebration of the love between you and your partner, so when it comes to planning for this special day, you need to have you at the centre. What I mean by this, is that all of your family and friends will be just as excited as you are when you start to plan your wedding, so you may find that you have a thousand different opinions on what you should and shouldn’t do. Don’t let anyone steer you away from what you want. It’s good to have a couple of close friends or family to help you along, to lighten the load and help you decide on certain things, but too many opinions is where the problems start. Having too many opinions can lead to you ending up with a wedding that is nothing like what you wanted, because you have been too busy trying to please everyone else. 

Another big wedding don’t is breaking the bank! Most people have an idea of their dream venue or multiple venues which is great. However, if your dream venue(s) are more on the pricey side, don’t spend all of your budget just on that. There may be alternative venues close by that are just as magical, or more so, than your initial choice and well within your budget. If you have a venue in mind that is out of your budget but you are adamant that this is where you are going to say ‘I Do’, you do have a couple of options. Getting married midweek can save you some serious money compared to weekends, venues are more popular on Fridays and Saturdays so prices will increase for these days. If you’re not too picky on the time of year, you can save money by getting married out of season. ‘Wedding season’ is typically May to October, so venues (along with everything else) are more expensive during this time. Getting married between November and April can help bring that venue cost right down, letting you still have your dream location!  

Along with the big wedding ‘Don’ts’, there are also a few little ones that can sometimes get over looked;

The decor! When choosing decorations for your venue(s) make sure you keep your venue in mind. Don’t buy decor that will clash with the original style of the venue. You want your decor to flow with your venue, not over power it (or vice versa).

Envelopes! More than likely you have a lot of invitations to send out, don’t lick all of the envelopes! That’s what a glue stick is for. It will save you a huge amount of time as well as saving you from a very dry mouth. Or you can be super classy and get a personalised wax stamp. Ooo fancy.

Don’t overlook your guests! You want to make sure you plan enough time into your wedding schedule to get those all important wedding pics as newlyweds, but don’t forget about your guests. Although you have places you have to be before the reception, your guests don’t, so make sure you plan for your guests to be entertained while they wait for you. This could be as simple as opening the bar a little earlier, so they can get a drink and sit down.

By far the most important wedding don’t is……. DON’T FORGET TO ENJOY EVERY STEP! Lots of people make the mistake of wanting to get the planning stage out of the way. Don’t! Take every step as it comes, take your time and enjoy every part of the planning process because as soon as it begins it will be done and you will wonder where all the time has gone.